About Art Beniwal

What is Art Beniwal?

Art Beniwal is a team of professional artists who do custom pencil sketches from photos.

And it started by Mohit Beniwal, he is himself a professional artist and now works as a lead artist at Art Beniwal.

What services do you offer?

Art Beniwal provide handmade Pencil Sketches from photos.

What mediums do you have?

We only work with one medium -Pencil Sketch.

But being specialized, we can draw anything from any photo such as

Couple portraits, Child portraits, Pet portraits, Royal portraits and so on…

Do you have any physical location?

Unfortunately not,

Because our artists belong from different cities of India, and they are comfortable working from home.

So, we never needed it 😊

Shipping Information

How long will it take to receive my portrait, and how much will be the cost?

We have two types of sketches based on their quality.

Normal Sketch (For India)

It takes min 6 to max 12 days. It depends on what size do you choose.

Realistic Sketch (For India)

It takes min 8 to max 14 days. It depends on what size do you choose.

Normal | Realistic (For Rest of the world)

It takes 16-20 days.

*And if you want faster than these timings, please let us know.

Note: We offer worldwide FREE SHIPPING.

Do you ship globally? What are the charges?

Yes, we deliver globally and it's FREE.

General Questions

Is your all sketches are handmade?

Yes, definitely

How can I place my order?

It's just a 4-Step Process.


Please count all the people in your photo. also count babies and pets as well.

and select that no.


We have different sizes available, choose whatever is the best suitable for you. 


We have 2 types of sketch based on their quality, Normal & Realistic

And both have different pricing.

So, please pick according to your preference and budget.


Then just deposit 30% in advance payment, and you're done

Now it's our turn, just wait and watch

Can I Remove or add any person from different photos?

Yes definitely, and also it's free.

Please have a look at our merged portrait for this.

Still have any question?

So, Just Contact directly through call or WhatsApp: 


Or fill out this form with a detailed description..

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