About Us

There is nothing better than if you're able to convert your passion into a profession, and that's how this started, to sustain your passion for a lifetime.

Hi, Welcome to Art Beniwal.

Art Beniwal is a team of some professional artists who do custom pencil sketches from photos. And deliver worldwide.

And it started by Mohit Beniwal, who was himself very passionate kid by making art like every child.

but as he grew, he still loved to draw portraits, So then he started doing this for other peoples,

And then he realized people are pleased to see their personalized portrait. And also gives their honest feedback.

That encourages me to draw more and keep motivated.

So then he started art beniwal with some of his artist friends. And now he is working as a lead artist here.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, just deliver more than people's expectations so that we can get their real honest opinion.