Our Story

Turning passion into a lasting profession - that's the story behind Art Beniwal.

We're a team of skilled artists specializing in creating custom pencil sketches from photos. Our journey began with Mohit Beniwal, a child with an innate love for art. As he grew, his passion for portraiture remained strong, leading him to create portraits for others.
Seeing the joy and appreciation in his clients' faces fueled Mohit's fire. Their honest feedback became his motivation, prompting him to pursue this path further.

In 2020, we launched our website to reach a wider audience and share our art with the world.

Today, Mohit leads the team, ensuring the quality of each piece to receive genuine feedback from people.

Loved by: 200+ happy customers!

Our Services with Pricing

We create custom pencil sketch portraits from photos on order. And our prices range from ₹1699 - ₹9199 depending on the size of the artwork.

Size in Inches 1 Subject 2 Subject 3 Subject 4 Subject

6 x 8


8 x 10

₹2699 ₹3199

11 x14

₹3699 ₹4199 ₹4699

14 x17

₹4699 ₹5199 ₹5699 ₹6199

16 x20

₹6199 ₹6699 ₹7199 ₹7699

18 x24

₹7699 ₹8199 ₹8699 ₹9199