Learn How to Sketch a face from any Photo - Easy Steps (Beginners)

Learn How to Sketch a face from any Photo - Easy Steps (Beginners)

If you want to draw of face from any photo, then you are in the right place!

In this post I will show you, how I did draw this face, with Step by Step.

So Lets Start...

Step 1: Get a Printout of Photo

First of all, you have to get a print out of the photo, from which photo you want to draw

And the important thing is that your printout and paper size should be the same

Step 2: Get the first point of eye 

To get the first point, you have to first measure Vertical Length and then Horizontal length like this.

Here I am measuring vertical length with a pencil 
Here I am measuring horizontal length with a pencil
And now we have got the first point of our eye, you can see here.

Step 3: Compare and get other points.

In this, you have to get the remaining points of the eye by compressing with the first point of the eye.

Here I am comparing the second point of the eye with the first point 
Here I am comparing the upper and lover point of the eye
Now we got all points of eyes here you can see

Step 4: Draw as similar as you can

In this, you have to draw as similar as you can draw.

Here you can see I already drew as much perfectly I can draw 

Step 5: Do corrections on your drawing

In this, you have to look at the small parts of your drawing very carefully and make corrections to them.

Here you can see I am drawing smaller parts of eyes with carefully

Step 6: Repeat this process again

In this, you have to just repeat this process again with other features of the face, like the nose, lips, hairs, and all.

Here I drew the second eye, nose, lips, and rest of all feathers with this same method 

as you can see


It's not so difficult to draw a face from the photo if you know the right way

I know this method is not the same as you might have seen in other posts, But trust me, I have told this method for them who's don't know anything how it should draw. With this method, everyone can start drawing from any photo,

Not only this, but all professional artists also draw with this method, but the only difference is that they do all these calculations in their mind, they do not have to measure every part with a pencil, because they have practiced a lot.

If you have any doubt draw with this method, just simply comment to us, We will definitely reply to you.

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This is hard can you show easy way
Thanks ❤️


this is so hard!!

Ratnakar Tripathy

What’s up I drew a picture of myself


Can you please show how to make a self portrait?


this is not helpful


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